Movies are the best source of entertainment till date. Although many of us can’t afford to buy tickets to watch them. So we thought of providing some useful tricks, websites and apps to download movies or watch them online.

For PC Users :


Method 1:

  1. Go to and type

indexof:(movie name)


2. Enter a index site. You can easily differentiate between a normal site and index site.


3. To search your movie click Ctrl+f and type movie name or keyword


4. Click on the direct download link.


Method 2 :

Here are links to best websites to watch movies online and download them.

Note : If any site doesn’t open type https:// in front of URL.

For Android Users :

Download Terrarium TV apk from here


You can watch movies online or download them through same app.

This is the best app according to me.

Thanks for Reading!